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To what category does your solution apply?

In-car applications to optimize driving and safety

Connected technology based on AI and/or IoT

Traffic and Fleet management

What is your current product/service? :

  1. Roadtolling: Stemming from our “ABvM” cooperation with NXP/IBM/Rabo, we carried out “Viapass” roadtolling pilot for light vehicles in Brussels Area with PwC, Orange e.a., using our in-car “OBU” (on-board unit)
  2. "HighWise” (Dynamic Ride Sharing): commuters are tracked while driving to/from their office. When approaching a P+R (e.g. near the highway entrance), the OBU proposes in real-time to change-over to the best-fitting shared vehicle alternative which is available at that moment. The savings thus realized are accounted on their “Corporate Mobility Budget” and may be awarded as financial incentive. We are currently offering such service as a “MaaS” solution in the 7 regional MaaS pilots in the Netherlands.
  3. Location Based Transactions: The OBU is equipped with high-precision indoor location sensors, allowing e.g. dock-precise positioning in a parking lot. When the vehicle moves in the dock, the transaction is started and the dock is marked “taken”; when the vehicle leaves the dock, the parking amount is transacted, and the dock is marked “free”. This allows parking management to operate slot-management with variable pricing, e.g. grant parking privileges for ride-sharing commuters in the company parking.
  4. Fastlane: The high-precision location in the OBU also enables lane-precise track ‘n’ trace against a road-side beacon infrastructure. Thus, the OBU can issue real-time “access tickets” to a slot-managed “HOV-lane” (High-Occupancy Vehicle), while assuring that the lane occupancy stays well below the saturation point, hence maintaining throughput. Fastlane virtualizes and distributes “ramp metering” and manages car speed and car spacing on that lane for maximum throughput.

All these services are instances of the same optimizing “slot management” concept, aiming at optimizing resource utilization based on (high-precision) metering, capacity management and variable pricing. All these services stack, contributing to the common goal of controlling congestion towards the main city centers during peak hours.

What is your competitive advantage?

  1. We submitted a patent on a “distributed payment terminal”, which transacts spacial utilization based on “payment messages” that also feature distances between the “secure token” (payment credential) and the infrastructure (i.e. the distributed payment terminal)
  2. Our OBU is expanded with a UWB (Ultra-wide-band) radio allowing 10cm location precision over a range of 50-100m
  3. Our Backoffice architecture integrates real-time data acquisition with a performing map-matcher (for road pricing) and an optimizing resource scheduling (for slot management)
  4. UWB is extremely power-efficient. If we could also replace the OBU’s GPS and 3G modem with CAT-M IoT, we could replace all radios with an energy-efficient alternative. Our map-matcher supports operation based on TDoA (Time Difference of Arrival) clocks as provided by CAT-M, making energy-efficient localization possible. Thus, we could come to a solar-powered “e-vignette”, which would facilitate deployment and end-user acceptance.

How does your product/service apply to this Challenge?

We are convinced that our “slot management” approach will substantially contribute to congestion reduction.

The underlying technology components have been developed into functioning prototypes and are validated in quite some feasibility studies, sponsored with over 1MEUR in subsidies over the years (and still ongoing).

They can help in removing societal hindrances of congestion-avoiding measures, like encountered during introduction of roadtolling. Contrary to that, our services can be introduced step-by-step, on a voluntarily basis, restricted to those area’s that really matter, yet yielding the same effects.

As a start-up, we will need to integrate in a reputed ecosystem to materialize our vision. At the other hand, our disruptive 4G- IoT based slot management delivers already today the benefits promised by 5G, V2V and V2I, in a simple, focused and cost-effective way, leapfrogging KPN’s ambitions. The envisioned pilots aims to prove this!


What is the pilot you envision with KPN?

  1. Validate the lane-accurate positioning in real-life conditions (automotive campus, N270,…) and prove that we can slot-manage a HOV lane with UWB and 4G IoT. This should be achieved prior to the ITS congress.
  2. Validate GPS-replacement by 4G Cat-M IoT, integrating location-based processing of TDoA clocks in our Mapmatcher. Timeline solely depends on KPN’s ability to provide the live signals.
  3. Co-offer the Slot Management concept(s) in the Min. of I&W’s “Regional MaaS pilots”, either with KPN as a subcontractor of our consortium, or Monal as a subcontractor of KPN’s consortium.

Link to product/service demonstration video


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