Investment Opportunity

Please refer to our welcome page for a concise description of the product and service. On the other pages of this portal we give info on team, solutionpilots and legal entities.

You may watch the pitch deck (8 minutes) or download its notes. An investors deck can be requested by email: In short, the investment opportunity is summarized as follows:

Monal Business Model

Monal is a Services Delivery Platform that aggregates Mobility Services from third-parties. Currently we focus on parking, ride sharing and corporate mobility services.

The platform handles Location-based transactions by means of a "transponder", which is an active location-aware payment card. This transponder allows the subscriber to Choose, Use and Pay for the service, while the Service Operator can optimize its yield by managing his "Service Slots".

Monal will receive a monthly service fee per Transponder, generated from the increased yields obtained by the operator or the comfort offered to the end user,  


We have established good tracking with a number of reputable companies. As indicated in the Pilots section, we engage a Parking pilot in Amsterdam (Zuidas and city center), as well as a ride share ("Highwise") pilot in Belgium



The Investment opportunity comes in two rounds:

We would like to conclude the investment term sheet  prior to Pilot completion, so that we can tune the pilots towards the agreed commercial services.