Location Based Transactions Platform


Our patented Location Based Transactions platform allows travelers to choose, use and pay for any mobility service of their choice.

  • Location Based means real-time metering using our location-aware active payment card ("e-vignette")
  • Transactions are started when the e-vignette moves in to the service area, which implies that the service "slot" is taken. When the transponder moves out, the transaction is billed and the service slot becomes available for someone else.
  • The Platform knows Identity, Time and Location of all travelers using our services, so we optimize the use of the hubs they visit, promoting under-utilized capacities e.g. by variable pricing or sharing rides.


Locations Based




Location-aware payment card


Transactions start when the vignette moves into the service area, and close when they move out


Travelers move from hub to hub.

A hub may be a car driving, a parking space or a Public Transport station. Each hub is capacity managed.

The capacity utilization for all travelers is optimized in real time.