March 25, 2017: We are granted the "Slim naar Antwerpen" logo. Check out the partnership page and download the flyer
July 25, 2016: Monal star-featured on CNBC's report on education. Watch it here!
July 6, 2016: Monal's parent company, magicview, went through the Rockstart Business accelerator and is now proud to pitch its plan on the rockstart Demo Day!

towards clean and reachable cities

What makes our clock tick is to achieve better urban mobility, so that we help making Clean and Reachable Cities happen.

Our purpose is to obtain behavioral change of the traveler by providing him more and better mobility options, and to incentivize him to use the ones with the least footprint.

Monal's patented Location Based Transactions Platform helps Service Operators to manage their capacity, and combines them for the Traveler into one single optimized journey.

Monal is the perfect enabler to achieve MaaS ("Mobility as a Service")

Location Based Transactions Platform

Service Operators


Smart Metering closes the loop

Optimizes Yield

Optimizes Journey Experiene

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