August 2, 2019. Monal Nominated as an Ertico Startup partner

Monal submitted its HighWise Slot Management concept to Ertico, the pan-european industry group for Intelligent Traffic Systems (ITS). 

Highwise promises to eliminate traffic congestions by tracking traffic on a dedicated lane, and issuing access tickets in real time to that lane conditional to availability of road- and parking capacity downstream.

When applied to trucks, Highwise will ensure steady flow of goods towards the main harbours like Rotterdam of Antwerp. It is also the ideal solution to introduce variable pricing schemes for commuting traffic, as it can be introduced step-by-step on voluntary basis --unlike road tolling.

See the award-winning video presentation here below.,.

Februari 15, 2019. Monal as one of the solutions KPN can use to bring connected driving to the market

Automated and connected vehicles are all the buzz nowadays. The Dutch national government aims to take the lead in these developments and prepare the Netherlands for their implementation. The country is ideal for this because of its leading corporates and top testing facilities, such as the one on the Automotive Campus in Helmond. KPN scouted all over the world for startup solutions that can collaborate with KPN in taking the next step in connected driving. Monal is one of them!

See Monal's vison for KPN in the video message here

March 25, 2017: We are granted the "Slim naar Antwerpen" logo. Check out the partnership page and download the flyer
July 25, 2016: Monal star-featured on CNBC's report on education. Watch it here!
July 6, 2016: Monal's parent company, magicview, went through the Rockstart Business accelerator and is now proud to pitch its plan on the rockstart Demo Day!

towards clean and reachable cities

What makes our clock tick is to achieve better urban mobility, so that we help making Clean and Reachable Cities happen.

Our purpose is to obtain behavioral change of the traveler by providing him more and better mobility options, and to incentivize him to use the ones with the least footprint.

Monal's patented Location Based Transactions Platform helps Service Operators to manage their capacity, and combines them for the Traveler into one single optimized journey.

See Monal's vison tutorial in the video message here

Location Based Transactions Platform

Service Operators


Smart Metering closes the loop

Optimizes Yield

Optimizes Journey Experiene

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